Old and rare compilers:

    Compilers whose sources were not found or even have never been in free distribution.


    asic50.zip (~335kb) Asic v5.0 (c) 1994 by 80/20 Software
    The one of several alternatives to QuickBasic. Supports up to 90 GW-Basic commands and keywords, is able to produce tight .com, mz .exe and .obj files. This archive contains an IDE, examples, a GW-Basic to ASIC converter and english documentation. Mark this little feature: Asic do not understand too complex mathematical expressions, its able to compile simple ones like "x=x*2" or "y=w/q".
    Documentation: in English

    mbc320.zip (~237kb) BlackLight MicroBASIC Compiler v3.20 (c) 1995-2001 by BlackLight
    This Basic is so micro that it hasnt the variables defining! 8-/ Produces .com files.
    Documentation: in English

    pb350.zip (~593kb) Power Basic v3.50 (c) 1989-1997 by Robert Zale
    This is the shareware demo version of Power Basic, although fully workable: loads/saves files, compiles to .exe. No additional libraries, the standard Basic keywords only.
    Home page: http://www.powerbasic.com/
    Documentation: in English

    tbc555f.zip (~180kb) Tokiwa 8086 Basic v5.55f (c) 1995-2000 by Genji Okada
    This one supports integers, floats and strings. Evaluates all expressions mathematically (al last!) and accepts all usual Basic constructs. Produces .com files which are small enough.
    Documentation: in English and in Russian


    lsic330c.zip (~400kb) LSI C-86 v3.30c (C) 1988-1993 LSI Japan Co., Ltd.
    C compiler for MS-DOS. Shall produce an asm text. All documentation is in Japanese, so no particularities can be figured out.
    Documentation: in Japanese :(

    pcc12c.zip (~175kb) Personal C Compiler v1.2c (c) 1989 by Mark DeSmet
    An old C compiler for Dos.
    Documentation: in English


    bluecomp.zip (~56kb) Bluestone 32-bit compiler version 1.0 (c) by Matt Pritchard
    Another dropped project, at any case I couldnt find the newer versions. Produces 32-bit code for Pmode extender. The ModeX Vga library and the undone demo game are added.
    Documentation: few comments in English

    pxsc100.zip (~700kb) Pascal-XSC to C Compiler v1.0 (c) 1991 by Numerik Software GmbH
    Its a Pascal to C translator and youll need C v6.0 as in manual is said. I know nothing if another C can be applied. Its an old version, the newer one (v3.50) can be found there: http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~iam/html/pascal/pascal-xsc/download.html, with EMX GNU-C v0.9c compiler. The new version needs the special Dos-extender: rsx.exe (~112kb). Copy this file to /bin folder. The sources of version 3.50 (GNU C) can be downloaded right from here: pxsc350s.zip (~1.9Mb).
    Documentation: in English
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